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Hello? Have tried the marigold ointment and I was completely shocked at how good it was? My daughter was full of rashes on her face and after 2 days of this it disappeared? use it on feet, hands and as a night cream and on wounds and would like to try more? this is a must have in any case and at only NOK 135 and it lasts forever Read more

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Hello ? I have now had two little girls, 1.5 and 5 years old, with chicken pox. For treatment, I only use your marigold ointment. Fantastic! Only lubricate them well before laying, otherwise if necessary. Seems like it was effective? both got scabs on day 4. Lubricated gently at first as I was afraid salve was not the thing for the cups. But it relieved superbly? Can't help but praise you for a wonderful cream ?￰゚ムマ?￰゚ムヘI am so pleased that more people in the girls' nursery (both adults and children) also buy the cream for care and much more? Kind regards, very pleased Marit Melin Spain Read more

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Hi - I have now ordered a new jar of marigold saliva from, this is a fantastic cream - helps psoriasis incredibly well. I am very satisfied - nice consistency! Kind regards: Elisabeth Johansen-Brumundal

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