Safety assessments for bodytime produkter

Safety assessments for bodytime products

Tomas Hellem

I have started a process to make bodytime's products "safety assessed", a rather fancy title, but the company that does this for me is based in England, hence the fancy title.

But what it means is that you send the recipe for a given product, e.g. marigold ointment , and you must include all kinds of documentation related to the ingredients, including something called an MSDS (material safety data sheet).

The recipe is then reviewed and it is checked that the ingredients and quantities used are in accordance with European legislation and if everything is in order, you receive a safety assessment when the process is finished.

The people who do this are educated in the field and have years of experience, so these assessments can really be trusted.

The caveat for me is that this takes at least 2 months per assessment and I have started with 1 product so far.

I will keep you updated during the process.

Regards: Thomas H

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